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In pictures: Unauthorised Saddam photos
US soldier taking Saddam Hussein from his hiding place in ad-Dawr, 13 December, 2003
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Unofficial photos of the capture of Saddam Hussein have been circulating on the internet.
An Iraqi security guard accompanies Saddam Hussein after his capture
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The pictures, some apparently taken by US troops, show the ex-president with Iraqi and coalition guards.
Saddam Hussein (in white t-shirt) is escorted through a crowd
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The sometimes grainy pictures show far more of the first movements in captivity than officially released images.
Saddam Hussein seated in an undisclosed location
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The unkempt Saddam Hussein seems to have been taken to various locations before his videoed check-up at a US facility.
A briefcase full of US notes lies at the feet of US soldiers
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Back at the farm hiding hole, US soldiers were uncovering apparent evidence of how the deposed leader had lived.
US soldiers with the suitcase found containing $750,000
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They took time for a snap with a briefcase said to contain about $750,000 in US bills found with Saddam Hussein.
Saddam Hussein
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Official photographs of Saddam Hussein released within hours of his capture showed him only in a US facility, first with his fugitive hairstyle...
The captured Saddam Hussein after a haircut and a shave
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...and then with his more familiar cropped hair and moustache to make it easier for people to believe the US had its man.


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