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Last Updated: Sunday, 28 December, 2003, 12:03 GMT
In pictures: Iran earthquake
An Iranian man points to the bodies of his family members who were killed in a massive earthquake that hit the ancient Iranian city of Bam
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Thousands have died in the massive earthquake which hit south-east Iran on Friday.
In a mass grave, Iranian relief workers pour dust on the bodies of the people who were killed in the earthquake
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The authorities are digging mass graves to bury the dead.
An Iranian man waits next to an injured child in Kerman airport, Iran
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Those who were injured are being flown out of Bam as many of the city's hospitals were destroyed.
A young Iranian boy digs a grave for his dead sister who died in the earthquake
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There are scenes of desperation in Bam.
An aerial shot of the ruins of Bam
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Two thirds of houses and buildings in the ancient city were destroyed.
City street
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Many buildings in the city were not built to withstand earthquakes.
Iranian Red Crescent members take their dogs through the rubble of Bam
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Iranian rescue and aid workers have been joined by teams from around the world
Man with body of child
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But for many of Bam's residents, help has come too late.
Clergyman praying at mass graves
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The death toll is mounting and hope is fading of finding more survivors alive.

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