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Last Updated: Friday, 26 December, 2003, 04:27 GMT
In pictures: Middle East violence
Scene of an explosion at a bus stop near the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.
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There was no let-up in the bloodshed in the Middle East on Christmas Day.
Israeli rescuers collect human remains at the scene of the attack
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Four Israelis and a suicide bomber were killed in an attack in Tel Aviv.
Wounded woman being rushed to hospital
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At least 13 people were wounded in the blast, which happened near a bus stop.
Said Hanani
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The PFLP named the bomber as Said Hanani, from a village near Nablus.
Palestinians inspect the wreckage of a car belonging to Islamic Jihad militants
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Earlier, Israeli Apache helicopters fired two missiles at a car in Gaza city, killing five Palestinians.
Crowds at the scene of the attack
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Palestinians gathered around the charred wreckage, calling for revenge.
Palestinian wounded in the Gaza attack
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An Islamic Jihad commander was one of three militants killed in the attack, which also wounded at least seven people.


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