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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 December, 2003, 08:27 GMT
In pictures: California quake
Collapsed building in Paso Robles
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The quake struck along the Californian coast, but the worst-hit town was Paso Robles, about 300km (186m) north of Los Angeles
Wreckage of a building in Paso Robles
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Buildings were destroyed, cars wrecked and power to about 40,000 people was disrupted.
Ruins of the 19th Century clock tower in Paso Robles
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The 19th Century clock tower in Paso Robles was destroyed by the tremors.
Anxious relatives wait for news of those trapped
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Two women were killed by falling debris as the tower crashed to the ground.
Firefighters cut into a vehicle in Paso Robles
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There will be much cleaning up to do in the wake of the tremor.
A seismographic drum records the tremors
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Seismographic equipment recorded the tremors. The main quake was recorded at a magnitude of 6.5.

Earthquake rocks California coast
23 Dec 03  |  Americas


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