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In pictures: Iraq celebrates
Iraqis gather in Nasiriya - some on a truck - waving flags as they celebrate the capture of Saddam Hussein
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As rumours spread that their former leader had finally been arrested, ecstatic crowds began to gather in Iraq's cities.
Young Iraqi men in Nasiriya laugh as they spray drink all over each other
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Acts of celebration varied wildly, here delighted young men in Nasiriya spray drink on each other in celebration.
Iraqi Communist Party members chant as a young woman waves a flag in central Baghdad
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Members of Iraq's Communist Party waved red flags and shouted in happiness as they gathered in central Baghdad.
Baghdad man smiles as he waves a gun and makes a V for victory sign with his hand
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This Baghdad man posed with his gun in one hand and showed the victory sign with the other after hearing the news...
Man wields a gun as he shouts in celebration in Nasiriya
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... and celebratory gunfire rang out in streets throughout the country.
Children clap and smile in delight outside a car window in poor Sadr City suburb of Baghdad
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In the poor Baghdad suburb of Sadr City, formerly named Saddam City, children clapped in delight at the news...
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... and these Iraqi women's huge smiles express the joy felt by so many Iraqis that their feared former leader had been caught.
Iraqi journalist weeps and covers his face as others behind him smile at the news of Saddam Hussein's arrest
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For some the news was almost too much to bear; here an Iraqi journalist weeps at the US press briefing where the capture of Saddam Hussein was revealed.
US soldiers in Tikrit clap and smile as they hear of Saddam Hussein's capture
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US soldiers from the Fourth Infantry Division in Tikrit - whose comrades found the former Iraqi leader - applauded as they heard the news...
Paul Bremer smiles in front of picture of Saddam Hussein at press conference announcing the Iraqi leader's capture
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... while an emotional Paul Bremer, chief administrator in Iraq, managed a happy smile as he revealed the news: "We've got him".

The BBC's Caroline Hawley reports from Baghdad
"Guns so often used in Iraq to kill, fired instead in celebration"


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