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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 December, 2003, 16:19 GMT
The year in pictures
Picket line
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In the UK military personnel are on the streets fighting fires as firefighters man picket lines for the latest in a series of pay strikes.
Mourners shelter under umbrellas at the funeral of Doctor in Hong Kong who died of SARS
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Health authorities around the world struggle to contain a lethal form of pneumonia (SARS) as air travellers spread it across the globe.
Anti war demonstration in London
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Around the world millions take to the streets to protest against the slide towards war in Iraq being led by US President Bush and British PM Blair...
Refugees seek safety away from the city of Basra
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...however the war begins and is soon over ending in crushing defeat for Iraq after the US and Britain use "shock and awe" tactices to overwhelm the Iraqi army.
The body of an Iraqi soldier on Al-Faw peninsula
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Human toll: Losses for the US and British forces are light but there are no figures for Iraqi military or civilian deaths.
Ladan and Laleh, the conjoined Iranian twins funeral
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Ladan and Laleh Bijani, the conjoined Iranian twins, die during a marathon operation to separate them in Singapore.
Two women cool down in a fountain in Brussells
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A heatwave swept across Europe. France was worst hit suffering over 15,000 deaths as a result of the heat.
Illusionist David Blaine undertakes his latest stunt in London
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Illusionist David Blaine undertakes his latest stunt in London, he sits suspended in a plastic box without food for 44 days.
Lee Kyang-hae at Cancun
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Lee Kyang-hae, the former head of South Korea's federation of farmers, stabs himself to death during the protests at the WTO summit in Cancun.
Concorde heads into the sunset
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Despite attempts by Richard Branson to keep it in the air and a last minute public show of affection Concorde heads into the sunset and retirement.
Arnold Schwarzenegger being sworn in as California's new Republican governor.
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Following a controversial campaign movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger is sworn in as California's new Republican governor.
George Bush in Iraq
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Turkey time: George Bush makes a surprise trip to Iraq, where he celebrates Thanksgiving with US soldiers who have suffered heavy losses since the war was offically declared over.
Turkey suicide bombing
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Turkey is rocked by four suicide bombings in Istanbul in a week, the first two at synagogues, including the city's largest - Neve Shalom - followed days later by two cars bombs targeting British interests including its consulate
England skipper Martin Johnson lifts the World Cup
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England skipper Martin Johnson finally gets his hands on the ultimate prize in Rugby Union and lifts the Webb Ellis trophy after victory over Australia.
Saddam medical examinaton
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As the year draws to a close and after months of searching the US captures the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein near to his home town.


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