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In Pictures: Art for Trafalgar Square
Hotel For The Birds by Thomas Schutte
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'Hotel For The Birds' by Thomas Schutte will be made from Perspex. The artist says: "What pigeons will do to the material is not quite clear".
Toy Skyscraper As A Tall Building by Chris Burden
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Chris Burden's 'Toy Skyscraper As A Tall Building' will be seven metres in height. He said: "Viewers will undoubtedly be reminded of New York's destroyed World Trade Center."
Alison Lapper Pregnant by Marc Quinn
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'Alison Lapper Pregnant' by Marc Quinn will be made of marble and be 4.7m tall. Mr Quinn said he wanted a sculpture showing disability like Nelson, who only has one arm.
This One's For The Pigeons by Sarah Lucas
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Sarah Lucas, creator of 'This One's For The Pigeons', hopes local pigeons will "organically develop" the piece. She says it shows the "hopelessness" of trying to keep the birds under control.
No-o-war-r No-o-war-r by Sokari Douglas Camp
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'No-o-war-r No-o-war-r' by Sokari Douglas Camp will be made of stainless steel and is a tribute to the square's "history of famous protest speeches ".
Mannequin by Stefan Gec
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Stefan Gec's 'Mannequin' is two life-size Tomahawk cruise missiles made from wood. He says he wants to link "Nelson's powerful naval fleet with a symbol of contemporary warfare".

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