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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 December, 2003, 16:29 GMT
Rugby World Cup parade diary
Fans await the arrival of the team victory bus in Trafalgar Square
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BBC News Online's Matt Maclean joined thousands crammed into Trafalgar Square to catch a glimpse of England's World Cup-winners on Monday's victory parade
Guards try to coax fan off lion statue
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The crowd were in a mood to be entertained, booing good-naturedly at organisers' attempts to get some fans back to ground level - and cheering when they gave up
Two fans atop traffic lights next to Trafalgar Square
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While others made the most of any vantage point to get a better view, scaling traffic lights, trees and lampposts
Fans in Trafalgar Square fountain
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Some ignored freezing conditions to encourage the crowd to raise the decibel level as the victory parade neared
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One man ensured he'd spot himself (or at least his hat) on the news - though his headgear might have been better used as protection from the rugby balls being thrown and kicked about
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A sea of red and white and a wall of noise greeted the England team as they reached the square
The BBC's John Inverdale interviews Mat Dawson as other players look on
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Many of the players, who seemed genuinely amazed by the scale of the reception, got their own pictures of the crowd on a day they will surely always remember
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Jonny Wilkinson (left) clasps his hands together as Martin Johnson (right) surveys the scene
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An explosion of smoke and confetti marked the finale of the players' appearance - and triggered more enthusiastic flag-waving
Fan stood in fountain holding inflatable kangaroo
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Some obviously considered hypothermia less of a priority than getting a good view - you could only hope they had a change of clothing nearby, though they didn't seem worried
Fans leave Trafalgar Square after the celebration
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After almost four hours stood in place, my feet were frozen and my knees felt like they belonged to someone else - but it had all been worth it to be part of such a massive event


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