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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 December, 2003, 11:56 GMT
In pictures: French floods
Aerial view of Arles, south of France
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Some of the worst storms to hit France in recent years, with winds of up to 150 kilometres per hour, have left large areas in the Rhone Valley under water.
Flooded road near La Motte du Rhone, central France
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Receding waters revealed a trail of devastation on Thursday, with road, rail and air traffic severely disrupted.
rescue boat near Avignon
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There is a lot of water around, but residents have been warned not to drink tap water - it may be contaminated.
Evacuation in Lattes, near Montpellier
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The army was called in to help evacuate thousands of flood-stricken residents into temporary shelter.
Residents of Lattes, near Montpellier
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Most of the 15,000 evacuees have to camp in schools, gyms and council rooms until the waters recede.
Public workers in Marseille
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The situation is said to be easing around Marseille, where public workers have started removing mud from the streets.
A daughter comforts her mother in Marseille.
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President Jacques Chirac pledged 12m euros ($14m) in aid for the region, which was declared a natural disaster zone.


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