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Last Updated: Saturday, 15 November, 2003, 10:30 GMT
In pictures: Istanbul blasts
Injured man being helped at scene after bomb blast
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Suicide car bombers attacked two synagogues, including the city's largest - Neve Shalom
Injured man being carried away on stretcher
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An eyewitness said the scene outside the Neve Shalom synagogue was "like a war zone"
Wrecked car after blast
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The Neve Shalom explosion littered the street with debris, wrecked cars and gouged out a big crater
Injured man being helped at scene after bomb blast
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Men with bleeding faces walked in a daze and eyewitnesses said body parts were strewn across the road
Blast victim on stretcher
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A radical Turkish Islamist group known as IBDA/C claimed responsibility - but there had been no warning of an attack
Damaged exterior of Neve Shalom synagogue
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The Neve Shalom synagogue's facade was wrecked and debris was scattered for 200 metres up and down the street
Debris in street after Neve Shalom synagogue blast
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Most casualties occurred at the Neve Shalom synagogue - where worshippers were holding Sabbath prayers


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