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In pictures: The Doctor's companions
Maureen O'Brien (r) first appeared as Vicki, who joined the crew of the Tardis after a spaceship crash, in 1965 alongside William Hartnell as the original Doctor.
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Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies has promised the time traveller will have a feisty, new sidekick in the series he is now developing. BBC News Online pays tribute to the doctor's former companions.
Anneke Wills
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Anneke Wills played Polly Wright, who came on board in 1966 after a fight in London with the War Machines. She saw Hartnell regenerate into Patrick Troughton.
Katy Manning
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Jo Grant, played by Katy Manning, was the niece of a UN official who had assigned her to Unit, working next to Jon Pertwee's Doctor.
Elisabeth Sladen
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Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) was a magazine journalist who became a Tardis stowaway, accompanying Pertwee and later Tom Baker.
Sarah Sutton
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Actress Sarah Sutton was Nyssa, companion to Baker and Peter Davison. She came to the Tardis after her home planet of Traken was destroyed by The Master.
Bonnie Langford and Sylvester McCoy
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From 1986-87, former child star Bonnie Langford was Mel Bush, introduced as a companion from the future in evidence for the defence at the Doctor's trial.
Daphne Ashbrook
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Grace Holloway, a cardiologist played by Daphne Ashbrook, appeared just once, in Enemy Within, the 1996 TV movie starring Paul McGann.
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K9, most beloved of all the Doctor's companions, was a robotic dog which functioned as a mobile computer/defence system. Lovingly operated by John Leeson.


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