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Last Updated: Sunday, 9 November, 2003, 16:38 GMT
Your images of Lunar eclipse
First phases of the lunar eclipse. Picture by Paul Gordon from the UK
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Paul Gordon from the UK sent this picture of the first phases of the eclipse as the Earth's shadow moved across the Moon
John Luxton's picture of the lunar eclipse
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This dramatic shot of the Moon turning red near totality was taken by John Luxton in Eastbourne, UK
Rob Greaves' picture of the eclipse
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Another picture of the "blood red" satellite - sent by Rob Greaves
An eclipse picture by Roger Attrill from Little Thetford, UK
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The Moon's southern edge remained fairly bright during the eclipse as seen on this photo by Roger Attrill, UK
A photomontage of the eclipse by Roger Attrill from Little Thetford, UK
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He also did this photomontage - in sequential order - of the eclipse
Martin Fuhrer's picture of the eclipse
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Martin Fuhrer sent this spectacular shot of the eclipse above Calgary's airport in Canada
Picture of a moon eclipse by Chris Bird in Cambridge, UK
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Chris Bird from Cambridge, UK, took this picture at 00:41 on 9 November
Lunar eclipse photomontage by Dr Dorothy I. Godrey-Smith in Nova Scotia, Canada
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Dr Dorothy Godrey-Smith in Nova Scotia, Canada, did a montage for her husband and older children who missed the show

Red Moon dives behind Earth
09 Nov 03  |  Science/Nature


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