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In pictures: Lord of the Rings parade
Peter Jackson
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Director Peter Jackson received a hero's welcome at a parade in Wellington on Monday to mark the world première of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.
Liv Tyler
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Actress Liv Tyler, who plays Arwen in The Return of the King, spoke at a pre-film press conference as fans' excitement mounted.
Orlando Bloom
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Orlando Bloom, who plays Legolas, wore a suitably ingratiating T-shirt as he posed on the red carpet.
 Viggo Mortensen
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Viggo Mortensen, who plays Aragorn, preferred a theme of world unity as he soaked up the crowd's applause.
The Black Riders
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The Black Riders made for a dramatic sight as up to 100,000 well-wishers lined the streets of New Zealand's capital.
Hugo Weaving
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Hugo Weaving - Elrond in the final part of the trilogy - was among red carpet guests receiving a rapturous greeting.
Andy Serkis
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Andy Serkis - Gollum - joined the cast as they were feted by crowds amounting to a quarter of the city's population.
Embassy Theatre, Wellington
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A Nazgul and Fell beast adorned Wellington's Embassy Theatre for the movie's long-awaited première.
Elijah Wood
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Elijah Wood, aka Frodo, was warmly received by fans lined four-deep along the streets.
Sir Ian McKellen
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Sir Ian McKellen - Gandalf - was among actors greeted by grandmothers in deckchairs and children in full costume.
Sean Astin
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Sean Astin, who plays the hobbit Sam, lapped up the cheers as fans clutching Tolkien's book lined the route.
Lord of the Rings fans
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Austrians Peter Toedling, dressed as Gandalf, and Sea Rotmann, an elf, were among 300 fans at a party at a city restaurant.


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