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In pictures: Facing HIV
Samkelisiwe and her mother, Natal (Positive Lives)
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Samkelisiwe embraces her mother in the TB ward of Ngwelezane Hospital, Natal, South Africa. Their picture is one of over 1000 taken by Positive Lives, a collaboration bringing together photographers, charities and people living with HIV.
Lumpai Sirattanan with her husband, Thailand (Positive Lives)
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Lumpai Sirattanan in Thailand holds her emaciated husband during his final hours. He was once a Thai boxing champion. Lumpai has also tested positive.
Andrew and Angela, Australia (Positive Lives)
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Andrew with his partner Angela outside a hospital in Australia after another attack of HIV-induced pneumonia.
Danusor's birthday, Thailand (Positive Lives)
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Danusor celebrates his birthday in Thailand. He is three years old and is HIV positive. His nickname is "Dinosaur".
Joseph Gabriel, Mwanza, Tanzania (Positive Lives)
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Joseph Gabriel, Mwanza, Tanzania: "At the moment my life is rich. I have no pain. My belief in God makes me happy and I have the love and care of my family."
Frank with his medication, UK (Positive Lives)
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Frank, who is living with HIV in the UK, with his cupboard full of medication.
Noora, Philippines (Positive Lives)
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Noora, in the Philippines: "All I want is to be here to raise my daughter."
Government Hospital, Malawi (Positive Lives)
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Government Hospital, Malawi: "Thirty-five to forty percent of illness at the hospital is Aids-related. We lack equipment, staff and medicines," says Director Dr Maurice Bonongwe. "We are overwhelmed in every aspect of the epidemic."
Steven, UK hospital ward (Positive Lives)
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Hospital ward, UK. Steven described it to his frequent visitors as his "West End Hotel".
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Marina lives in Cambodia. Both of her parents are HIV positive, but she has tested negative.
Mozambican student (Positive Lives)
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This Mozambican student fears stigma too much to reveal his identity. Positive Lives, a collaboration between the Terrence Higgins Trust, Network Photographers and the Levi Strauss Foundation aims to challenge prejudice surrounding HIV.
China, Aids seminar (Positive Lives)
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Aids seminar, China. [Pictures by Gideon Mendel/Corbis, Fritz Hoffmann/Document China, Dayanita Singh/nbpictures.com, Judah Passow, Eugene Richards, Harriet Logan, Jack Picone - all of Network Photographers, Shahidul Alam/Network Photographers/Drik.]


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