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In pictures: Bush goes to Iraq
George Bush waves as he arrives in Iraq
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An unexpected guest emerged from the dim-lit aeroplane that landed after nightfall at Baghdad airport.
Bush waves from podium
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President George W Bush made his sudden appearance after being introduced as the most senior person present. Soldiers whooped and climbed on tables.
Bush addresses soldiers
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Mr Bush thanked the troops for their service, and told them the US would not retreat before "a band of thugs and assassins".
Bush hands a plate of food to a soldier at the base
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He also thanked troops for his Thanksgiving turkey dinner - and helped serve it up.
Bush poses with a soldier
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During the brief walkabout afterwards, there was time for one soldier to capture the historic first visit by a US president to Iraq on film...
Bush offers a soldier a kiss
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... while another was the recipient of a kiss.
Bush at Baghdad base
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After only two-and-a-half hours, Bush climbed back aboard Air Force One for the 11-hour flight home.

Bush pays surprise visit to Iraq
27 Nov 03  |  Middle East


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