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In pictures - The Iraq friendly fire incident
Plane footage
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An American fighter plane circles in the air in northern Iraq on April 6, 2003 watched by a cameraman from a Kurdish convoy. Panorama's Tom Giles and John Simpson were also in the convoy.
BBC footage of a friendly fire incident in Iraq
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Kurdish fighters, who were heading south in a convoy with American special forces soldiers, watch the plane as it drops its payload, believing it is targetting nearby Iraqi forces.
BBC footage of a friendly fire incident in Iraq
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One second later, the bomb strikes with deadly accuracy. The picture in the Kurdish camera is knocked out as a huge explosion rocks the area.
BBC footage of a friendly fire incident in Iraq
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Just 30 seconds later the camera is rolling again. The scene it reveals does not make pleasant viewing.
Blood on the lens
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Blood drips onto the lens of the BBC's Fred Scott's camera. The bomb killed 15 people, including BBC translator Kamaran Abdurazaq Muhamed. Panorama's Tom Giles and the BBC's John Simpson were also injured in the attack.
Special forces officer
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An American special forces operative walks by as a fire rages behind him after the friendly fire incident.
Cars on fire in northern Iraq
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A blazing inferno engulfs two cars in the Kurdish/American convoy. Among the vehicles hit was the TV car which had earlier been carrying the Panorama team.
John Simpson
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BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson walks away from the attack with shrapnel wounds. Other members of the BBC team including cameraman Fred Scott were also injured.
John Simpson
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John Simpson deliveres a piece to camera on Sunday, April 6 2003. It was one of the most memorable moments of the Iraq war.
Panic in northern Iraq after friendly fire incident
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The area is surrounded by panic and smoke as American special forces soldiers try to give treatment to one of the many people injured in the attack.
Tyre debris from friendly fire in Iraq
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When the smoke clears the scale of the devastation from the attack becomes clear, with the ground blackened and tyres and car parts spread over a wide area.
Burned out car
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The blazing shell of a car which was caught in the friendly fire incident. Panorama: In the Line of Fire will be broadcast on Sunday, 9 November on BBC One at 2100 GMT.

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