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Photo assignment: Tung's story
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Ong Van Tung, from Vietnam, is HIV-positive. He sent BBC News Online this photo essay about his life with his girlfriend Linh. They plan to marry on Tuesday 25 November.
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After a long period of sickness, I went to have my health checked. I got a blood test and learned that I was carrying the HIV virus. I am often very upset and really down.
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Linh is my girlfriend. She knows about my situation and she always stays close to me, encouraging, looking after and consoling me.
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We have gradually come to understand each other. We share all our sadness and happiness with each other. Linh helps me get back the happiness in life. But Linh is not HIV positive, so I'm sometimes afraid my relationship with her will bring her sadness.
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I have so much determination to fight this disease. I am trying to live the rest of my life better. Working is a joy and my other reason for living.
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Besides working, I join in with the social activities of a group with the aim of helping to fight against the 'disease of the century'.
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I know that happiness will finally come to me.
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Linh and I will get married on 25 November this year. It took Linh and I three years to make this decision and I know Linh has no regrets about that.


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