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Photo assignment: "My son and I"
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Quach Thi Mai lives with her young son in Vietnam. Her husband died of Aids a year ago and she is HIV positive. She sent BBC News Online this photo essay about her life.
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I caught HIV from my husband, who was a drug addict. I always put some scent on his altar to pray for him. Although I hate him, I still also feel pity for him.
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I always feel tired for no reason. There is no one to take care of me when I'm sick. I just stay in bed on my own.
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My son is my only motivation for living. He is three years old. I'm not courageous enough to take him to a medical centre for another HIV test. I'm scared of the ruthless truth which I won't be able to stand.
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My son and I live by ourselves. This is a photo of us playing together.
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This is our frugal meal.
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Everyday, I go to pick morning glory - water spinach - from the pond. I tie it into bunches and take them to the market to sell.
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When I am at work, my little son plays by himself or with children from around the neighbourhood.
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I wish for a bright future for my son.
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This is a photo of me together with friends. I have taken part in activities to fight HIV/Aids, trying to help people to protect themselves. I also take care of people who have HIV/Aids.


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