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Photo assignment: Caribbean epidemic
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Five-year-old Kevon is HIV positive and an orphan. He is one of about half a million people hit by the Caribbean's growing HIV epidemic. Photographer Chris Hamilton sent these pictures from Trinidad and Tobago.
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The orphans at the Cyril Ross Nursery in Trinidad are encouraged to call their carers 'Mommy' so that they constantly have parental figures in their lives. All the children are HIV positive and take antiretroviral drugs.
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Family and friends try to comfort Ann Marie Robinson by holding her hand and praying for her as she lies in her bed. She died the day after this photo was taken.
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Pastor Hugo Murray prays with Roxanne Leid and Sylvester Stanislaus during a visit by the religious homecare organisation Heart to Heart. Her nephew looks on.
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Carlton Simon, 53, lies dying on his bed in a shelter in Port of Spain. He is homeless, after being kicked out of his home by his family because he was HIV positive.
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In Trinidad, crack, homelessness and HIV are linked. Typically, someone tests positive for HIV, is kicked out of their home or leaves, starts living on the street and gets addicted to crack.
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The San Fernando General Hospital Aids ward is the only one in the country. It was created by Dr Ricardo Mohammed, but he was only given five beds.
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Wendel Wilson, 28, is helped out of bed by friends and nurses at the San Fernando Aids ward. He collapsed while working as a taxi driver and was found to have toxoplasmosis of the brain - and Aids-related infection.
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Two gay men dance together during a fundraising party for Friends for Life, a gay rights and HIV educational group in Trinidad and Tobago. The two-island state has the largest and most established homosexual population in the Caribbean.
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Contestants in the Miss Queen of Queens 2003 drag queen beauty pageant get ready backstage before the show. The event is used as an HIV/Aids awareness tool - the 'girls' answer questions about safe sex while on stage.
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Leroy Serapio of the Toco Youth Sexuality Project teaches teenagers about condoms. One of the only groups here allowed to teach children about safe sex, its underlying message about abstinence is accompanied by realism about young people's sex lives.
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Transvestite sex worker Andy James, 31, plays 'Paula' outside a bar in Curepe, a city near Port of Spain. Andy, who used to be a college track and field athlete in the United States, says he has to do this to make money.
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Members of CARe, a support group working with people living with HIV, hug each other after a retreat where they could talk together and educate and console each other.
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CARe members meet at the group's office on a Wednesday night in Port of Spain, Trinidad. It is one of several organisations working to help those affected by HIV and Aids in Trinidad and Tobago.

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