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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 November, 2003, 17:02 GMT
Last Concorde lands - in pictures
Concorde taking off for the last time from London's Heathrow airport
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Concorde 216, the last of the supersonic fleet to be built, took off from Heathrow Airport bound for Bristol
Concorde flying over Bristol, as photographed by a BBCi user
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The jet, piloted by Captain Les Brodie, performed a lap of honour over the city where she was developed and built
Concorde seen from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, as photographed by a BBCi user
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Hundreds of people gathered to watch the final flight from the Clifton Suspension Bridge
Schoolchildren in Bristol watch the final flight of Concorde, as photographed by a BBCi user
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Thousands more stopped what they were doing to take a last look at 'The Bird'
Concorde landing at Filton Airfield, Bristol
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Concorde landed for the final time at Filton Airfield just after 1300 GMT on 26 October
Concorde's landing gear touches the ground at Filton Airfield, Bristol
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The plane will be permanently housed at Filton, where enthusiasts hope to build a museum of flight
Concorde salutes the crowds gathered to watch the historic landing
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British Airways staff on board the plane saluted the crowds of more than 20,000 people at the airfield...
Concorde 216 on the ground at Filton
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...and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, took part in a formal ceremony to welcome the plane home


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