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In Pictures: Crossing the Clyde
Clyde 9
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Clyde 9's glass sculpture was inspired by the "rainbow-like iridescence of a dragonfly's wings"
Clyde 9
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Designers describe it as a living bridge which would animate the Clyde
Mirror Bridge
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The Mirror Bridge is designed as a place for reflection and an example of the city's belief in its future
Mirror Bridge
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Clad in stainless steel, the structure is billed as a safe destination which glistens in the day and shines at night
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Latis aims to create a major new civic space on the Clyde
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A blade at the centre of the bridge would appear "impossibly thin" as a gentle arc sweeps across the river
Neptune's Way
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Neptune's Way is an attempt to create a new city icon which would provide an "urban catalyst" linking Broomielaw and Tradeston
Neptune's Way
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The proposals incorporate a new nightclub and two new linear parklands
People's Crossing
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Venice, China, Japan and the Scottish hills provided inspiration for the People's Crossing
People's Crossing
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The crossing would create a "significant social structure" which includes bars, cafes and gathering places
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The Via proposal aims to create a crossroads above the Clyde
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The choice of ways to cross the river would include a funicular ride to an observatory at the top of the structure

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