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In pictures: Nelson Mandela's art
Guard Tower
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An exhibition of art by Nelson Mandela, entitled Reflections of Robben Island, co-incides with a massive concert in South Africa to raise money for Aids. This is the second collection of art released by Mandela.
Nelson Mandela
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The pieces were inspired by Mandela's incarceration in the remote Robben Island maximum security prison where he spent 17 years. He was released in 1990.
Nelson Mandela
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The exhibition, including lithographs and photographs, opens on 26 November at the Belgravia Gallery in London. The prints are being sold to benefit the Nelson Mandela Trust, which supports the fight against Aids.
Nelson Mandela
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The Aids concert on 29 November, featuring music stars from around the world, is part of Mandela's campaign to persuade all countries to declare a global Aids emergency.
Nelson Mandela
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Since his release Mandela has tirelessly fought to highlight issues he believes in, including apartheid, Aids and poverty.

Mandela lights the gloom
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