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In pictures: Kabul's Moghul garden
Plan of the Bagh-e Babur
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The Bagh-e Babur was once one of Kabul's top tourist spots - containing the tomb of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur, who founded the Moghul empire that ruled India for 300 years. (Text and photos: Sanjoy Majumder)
Ruins at Bagh-e Babur
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Perched on a hill west of the Afghan capital, it lies scarred by 20 years of war, its trees felled, its grand walls destroyed by shells.
Mosque restoration at Bagh-e Babur
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Now the US and German embassies and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture have funded an NGO to begin restoration work at the site.
Bagh-e Babur
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Bagh-e Babur is a terraced and walled open space containing features and remains of what is thought to be the first Moghul Garden, inspiring many imperial gardens in South Asia.
Pavilion at Bagh-e Babur
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The pavilion has been fully restored and there are plans for a restaurant. The gardens will be replanted with trees and plants in the Moghul tradition.
Well in the Bagh-e Babur garden
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An ancient well has been rebuilt too. Despite the magnificent gardens, the buildings are understated and no match for the later Moghul splendour of India.
Babur's tomb in Bagh-e Babur
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Babur's tomb is elegant and simple. After successfully invading India in 1526, Babur died in Agra in 1530 aged 47. His body was brought back to be buried here.
Calligraphy at Bagh-e Babur
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Examples of Moghul calligraphy that survived the wars: On the right is Babur's epitaph which traces his lineage back to Timur on his father's side and Genghis Khan on his mother's.
Melon stall
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Babur never took to India. His Baburnama memoir laments that there were "no grapes, no musk melons, no first rate fruits or bread in its bazaars".

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