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Last Updated: Friday, 21 November, 2003, 17:30 GMT
In pictures: Burying the dead
A coffin of one of the 27 people killed in the blasts is transported for burial
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Turkey is burying its dead after suicide bomb attacks on the British consulate and British-based HSBC bank killed 27 people.
Filiz, the wife of Suleyman Aydogan and his mother Meral, mourn at his coffin at a ceremony in Istanbul, Turkey
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Suleyman Aydogan - who was killed in the attacks - is mourned by his wife and mother.
A woman bends her head on the fence of an Istanbul morgue
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Some of the bodies still remain inside Istanbul's morgues - relatives wait outside desperate to claim their loved ones.
Two people walk through the rubble of the British Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey
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The remains of the British Consulate in Istanbul - Consul-General Roger Short was killed in the attack.
Police looking for forensic evidence on the roof of a building near the British Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey
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Police are looking for forensic evidence - officers from Britain's anti-terrorist squad will join the investigation.
The HSBC bank in Istanbul, a day after the bomb attacks
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The HSBC bank in Istanbul - two employees died in the blast, say bank officials.
Istanbul commuters look at the HSBC bank building as their bus passes by the site
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City residents are still in state of shock and fear, amid intelligence warnings of further terror attacks.
UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw at the scene of devastation outside the British consulate in Istanbul
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British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw who rushed to Istanbul after the attacks said they bear the hallmarks of al-Qaeda.


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