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The day in pictures
Chocolate Tutankhamen
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A chocolate replica of the King Tutankhamen's mask goes on display at the Chocolate Fair in Paris, where some 120 chocolate cooks and artists present their creations.
Milk given to Lahore residents
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Poor people in Pakistan's city of Lahore have to make do with milk handed out to the needy to break their Ramadan fast.
Iraqi police receiving medals
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In Iraq it is medals that are being handed out - 49 Medals of Valour and 124 Medals of Sacrifice are being awarded to Iraqi policemen and their relatives.
Victoria Cross awarded to Major-General Daniel Marcus William Beak
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This Victoria Cross is the 'must have' item for medal collectors in London - the Commonwealth's highest award for valour, it is expected to fetch up to 180,000 in an upcoming auction.
San Antonio Spurs NBA champions rings
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Ice, ice baby - players for the San Antonio Spurs were presented with these rings before their season opener to mark their victory in the 2003 NBA Championship.
Dolphin hunt Japan
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Rivers of blood - fishermen pull a dolphin into a boat - fishermen in the western Japanese town of Taiji regularly conduct dolphin hunts during the October to April season.
Deer fleeing California fire
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Animals are under threat in California too, where wildfires are continuing to ravage hundreds of thousands of acres
Lion cubs
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The most these two lion cubs have to cope with getting their best angle for their first public appearance - Sydney's Taronga Zoo is celebrating the birth of their first lions in 22 years.
Turkish Republic Day parade participant
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It looks like the days of the Ottoman Empire have returned in the Turkish capital, Ankara, where thousands turned out for a parade marking Republic Day.
Prayers over body of dead Russian miner
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Amid the jubilation at the safe return of 11 miners trapped in Russia's Zapadnaya coal mine, a relative and priests pause to pray for one who was not so lucky.
Dr Mahathir exhibition
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All eyes are on Prime Minister Mahathir in Malaysia as museum-goers visit an exhibition called 'A thousand faces of Dr Mahathir ' - Asia's longest serving leader is due to step down this week.
Shuttle wing reinforced
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Engineers fix a reinforced carbon-carbon panel to the leading edge of the space shuttle Atlantis' wing - the shuttle is being readied for a mission in the latter part of 2004.

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