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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 November, 2003, 13:08 GMT
In pictures: Istanbul blasts
Smoke coming from HSBC offices
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The first bomb tore into the 15-storey HSBC bank headquarters, sending smoke rising above the Istanbul skyline
Damage at HSBC offices
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The wrecked facade of the bank is near a busy shopping area thronged with crowds
Firefighters clear debris after consulate bomb
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Two minutes after the first blast another bomb exploded at the British consulate
British consulate
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Two annexes of the consulate were destroyed.
Firefighters at the scene of the consulate blast
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Firefighters have been working to clear debris...
Ambulances outside the British consulate
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...while ambulances struggled to reach the wounded.
Schoolgirl cries in front of the British consulate
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Correspondents say the city is in chaos, and residents in shock.
Injured man
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Hundreds of injured people have been seeking treatment.


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