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In pictures: Russian mine rescue
Rescued miner waves to crowd gathered outside mine
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Most of the miners rescued in southern Russia were able to walk to safety, some managing to wave to the crowds
Freed miner
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Others displayed little except shock and exhaustion after their six-day ordeal
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Rescuers had to carry a few out of the mine shaft, weakened after days without food
Priest watches survivors walk to freedom
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An Orthodox priest who had led prayers for their survival watched as they were led to safety...
Rescued miner wrapped in blanket gets into ambulance outside mine
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...before they were taken to hospital by ambulance for emergency medical checks
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But one miner did not make it through the disaster and another is still missing in the mine
A dump-truck unloads stones
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Truckloads of stone and rubble were poured down the Zapadnaya mine to stop the flow of water into the flooded pit
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For relatives, the six-day wait for news proved almost unbearable
Woman checks list of miners
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Anxious families had spent days at the scene, gleaning what little information they could from lists of the missing
Woman with candle at mine
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Some had lit candles as they prayed for the survival of husbands and sons
Rescued man
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For a group of 18 men who made it to safety on Saturday, the strain of the ordeal was clear

The BBC's Sarah Rainsford
"They are fighting a race against time"

Trapped US miners rescued
28 Jul 02  |  Americas

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