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In pictures: Concorde's last day
Captain Mike Bannister
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Before taking the final transatlantic flight, Captain Mike Bannister said: "Concorde was born from dreams, built with vision, and operated with pride."
Joan Collins and husband Percy Gibson at JFK airport
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Joan Collins and husband Percy Gibson were among the VIPs on board the historic flight.
JFK airport
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Before leaving New York, the plane was showered in red, white and blue jets of water.
Take-off at JFK airport
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Flight BA002 left New York's JFK airport at 1235 BST with 100 celebrities on board, on a sunny autumnal day.
Concorde approaching Heathrow
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The Anglo-French project was conceived in 1962 and 41 years later, it took its final journey into Heathrow.
Crowds at Heathrow
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The Gallic contribution was not forgotten by some, although Air France finished its Concorde in May.
Heathrow crowds
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Hundreds of onlookers arrived early in the day and some set up informal vantage points around the Heathrow perimeter fence.
Concorde comes in to land
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Competition winners enjoyed the other two last Concorde flights, one from Edinbugh and another which took in the Atlantic.
Concorde at Heathrow
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The famous plane was retired because it was deemed unprofitable by British Airways and Air France.


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