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In pictures: Concorde in Cardiff
Concorde in Cardiff
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Concorde landed in Cardiff shortly before midday on Thursday as part of its farewell tour
Concorde in Cardiff
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Pockets of crowds thronged around the airfield's perimeter fence as they waited for a glimpse of the jet
Concorde in Cardiff
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One hundred passengers - mostly competition winners - were brought to Cardiff on Concorde
Concorde in Cardiff
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Concorde passed close to the terminal building after landing
Concorde in Cardiff
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British Airways staff welcomed Concorde to Cardiff
Concorde in Cardiff
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The supersonic jet spent four hours on the tarmac in Cardiff
Concorde in Cardiff
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Engineer Grant Findlay took the opportunity to paint Concorde outside the hangar
Concorde in Cardiff
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The trip was also an end of an era for the cabin staff
Concorde in Cardiff
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Christina Pryce-Jones said the trip on Concorde was "the experience of a lifetime"
Concorde in Cardiff
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It was the last chance for passengers to check in at Cardiff for a Concorde flight
Concorde in Cardiff 1977
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An Air France Concorde became the first to visit Wales in autumn 1977
Concorde in Cardiff 1977
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Crowds gathered at Cardiff-Wales airport - as it was then called - for the aircraft's first Welsh take-off
Concorde in Cardiff 1977
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The supersonic plane flew the first passengers to Paris
Concorde in Cardiff 1977
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BBC Wales cameraman Dave Jones was aboard Concorde's first flight from Wales in 1977

In pictures: Farewell to Concorde
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