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In pictures: Mother Teresa beatified
View from the colonnade, St Peter's Square
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Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims gathered in St Peter's Square to watch the Pope beatify Mother Teresa.
Nuns at Mother Teresa's tomb in Calcutta on Sunday
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In India, the city of Calcutta also remembered the nun who devoted her life to its poor.
Monica Besra at beatification ceremony
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The Indian woman whose "miracle" cancer cure is cited as proof of Mother Teresa's sanctity was at the Mass in Rome.
Pope John Paul II at the beatification Mass
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For the ailing Pope, the beatification was a cherished aim which he saw through to fruition.
Tapestry behind statue in St Peter's Square
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It is the last formal step before sainthood for Mother Teresa, who died a mere six years ago
Nun at the ceremony
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Nuns from Mother Teresa's own order, the Missionaries of Charity, were present at the moving ceremony...
Nun waves flag in celebration at ceremony
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... as were nuns from orders all over the world, many waving flags in celebration.
Badges on sale in Rome
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Mother Teresa's status as an icon is rising further, both literally and figuratively.

The BBC's Bob Sinkinson
"It was a remarkable and moving occasion to commemorate a remarkable person"

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