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In pictures: Pakistan drug farming
Poppy field in the Tirah Valley, Pakistan
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Drug cultivation in the Tirah Valley, part of Pakistan's tribal area close to the Afghan border, is regarded traditionally as just another trade.
Poppy farmer
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Pakistan says it is destroying poppy fields but this one was photographed in May. A farmer cuts a bulb and the secretion is collected before sunrise the next day.
Poppy cutting tool
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A locally made tool used for cutting the poppy bulbs. It has many fine blades - the cuts must be made with care or the harvest can be lost.
Opium traders
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A local opium trader says: "It is a trade. Nothing is bad or good in itself. The application of something makes it good or bad."
Cannabis farmer
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A farmer prepares his field for a cannabis harvest. He can get 60-70 a year from a field of corn but 10 times more for cannabis.
Cannabis seeds
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Good quality cannabis seeds are sought to produce the best crops.
Cannabis plants
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Cannabis has grown to plant form by May. The farmers then pray for rain and hope for a good harvest in October.
Cannabis traders
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Cannabis traders operate in a wildly fluctuating market. The product can achieve up to $170 (100) a kilogram depending on the time of year. Dry opium can make $670 (400) a kilogram.

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