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In pictures: Bolivia protesters celebrate
Police at the road that links La Paz to El Alto after protesters set a car alight
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Bolivia has suffered weeks of turmoil amid violent protests against government plans to export national gas
Miners still in their work gear raise their fists in the air in celebration as rumours emerge of the president's resignation
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Demonstrators sought the resignation of President Sanchez de Lozada... here miners cheer as rumours circulate that he has quit
Bolivian men shout as news of the president's resignation emerges
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As news filtered out that the president had indeed left office, Bolivians gathered in La Paz to celebrate
Protesters playing pan pipes
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Some danced and played music...
Woman waves huge Bolivian flag as protesters chant and raise their fists behind her
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Others proudly waved Bolivian flags
Bolivian President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada
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The now ex President Sanchez de Lozada said he hoped his resignation would help solve the country's problems
Bolivian Vice President Carlos Mesa is handed the sash of the Bolivian presidency in a swearing-in ceremony
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But his successor, Vice President Carlos Mesa, may find he has inherited more than just the presidential sash

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