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In pictures: Karbala mourns cleric
Shia women cry as they hold up posters of assassinated Ayatollah Hakim at his funeral
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Tens of thousands of Iraqi Shia in Karbala have been mourning Ayatollah Muhammad Baqr al-Hakim, killed by a car bomb
A Shia Muslim man hits his chest as he stands in front of a banner of assassinated Ayatollah Hakim
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Mourners prayed and chanted in the collective outpouring of grief
The coffin of Ayatollah Hakim is stopped outside the main entrance of the al-Abbas shrine in Karbala
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Ayatollah Hakim's coffin was driven through the streets of the city as thousands gathered at Shia shrines across the country
Thousands of Shia Muslim take part in the funeral procession of Ayatollah Hakim
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Some in the crowd shouted anti-Saddam slogans while others wanted the Americans to leave their country
Mourners carry the symbolic coffin of Ayatollah Hakim into the al-Abbas shrine
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It is a Shia tradition that the dead, especially senior clerics, are taken to a holy shrine before burial for purification
Mourners escort a truck transporting the symbolic coffin of Ayatollah Hakim
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Ayatollah Hakim's coffin is to be taken to all three holy shrines in Iraq to show he is a prominent Shia leader
A man puts up a poster of Ayatollah Hakim in front of a new billboard of Imam Ali, the first Shia imam
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The procession is in its second day on its way south from Baghdad to Najaf, where the attack occurred

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