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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 October, 2003, 06:18 GMT 07:18 UK
In pictures: China touch down
Yang Liwei emerges from capsule
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Former fighter pilot Yang Liwei fulfils a Chinese dream by becoming the country's first man in space
Examining the re-entry capsule
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He lands in Inner Mongolia after 21 hours in space - having orbited the Earth 14 times
Posing with military officials on the way to Beijing
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After emerging from his capsule to cheers, Yang Liwei travels to Beijing to meet China's leaders
Chinese celebrate space mission
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They are delighted the mission was a success and hope it will rally patriotism in China
Space Control Centre in Beijing
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The country has high hopes for its space programme and is already planning further missions
Newspapers chart space mission
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As only the third country to send a man into space, China's place on the world stage is assured
Big screen features reports on the space flight at Beijing railway station
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But with much of the country still very poor and under-developed, critics say it is a waste of time and money
Landing spot for Shenzhou V
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For now, little can dim the shine on their achievement


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