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In pictures: Bolivia clashes
Tanks roll past a boy in El Alto,12 km west of La Paz
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The tanks move in to quell the protests that have brought Bolivia - South America's poorest nation - to a virtual halt.
Police at the road that links La Paz to El Alto after protesters set a car alight
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Troops attempt to clear the roadblocks set up by protesters in a bid to choke food and fuel supplies to La Paz.
Protesters shout slogans against the Bolivian government on a road blockade near a gas plant in El Alto
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The government's plan to export natural gas to the United States through Chile sparked the month-long protest.
Residents of the Ballivian area in El Alto carry the body of an unidentified man
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El Alto was the scene of violent weekend clashes - which left at least seven dead, including a five-year-old boy.
A doctor puts a list of the wounded on a window outside the Hospital Sagrado Corazon de Jesus in El Alto
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It brings the death toll over the last month to at least 16, with dozens more injured.
A street vendor on a road in El Alto blocked by thousands of stones
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Despite the crackdown, violence could escalate in coming days as coca farmers are expected to join the protests.

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