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In pictures: Mars close approach
Mars (AP)
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Mars outshines everything but the Moon and Venus in the night sky and it has just made its closest pass to Earth for 60,000 years.
Mars party in Los Angeles (AP)
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Stargazers around the world are gathering to view Mars...
Science City building in Valencia, Spain...
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...from Europe, at the Science City building in Valencia, Spain...
Cedars Mountain in Lebanon...
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...at the top of Cedars Mountain in Lebanon...
Sydney Observator
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...and in Australia at the Sydney Observatory.
Southern ice cap of Mars (AFP)
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With a telescope you can see the white polar caps.
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But it is the Hubble Space Telescope that is taking spectacular pictures of Mars during the close approach...
Portrait of Mars by Hubble (Space Telescope Science Institute)
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...including this image made from a series of exposures capturing the Red Planet in unprecedented detail.
Mars image captured by the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT)
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An infrared telescope in Hawaii shot this spectacular picture of Mars.



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