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Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 August, 2003, 16:48 GMT 17:48 UK
In pictures: Politicians have fun too
Enoch Powell on a pogo stick
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Jason Whiley's father showed his son this photo, saying today's politicians were boring compared to the likes of the late Enoch Powell
Peter Lilley in soapbox cart
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But Jason disagreed and hit back by writing to 150 politicians: Peter Lilley sent this photo of himself on a soapbox cart
Gwyneth Dunwoody crushing a car
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Jason asked if the politicians had been on skateboards, rollerblades or a death slide, Gwyneth Dunwoody said she'd crushed a car
Lembit Opik on a bike
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Lembit Opik was one of the few who submitted photos of any of the activities in Jason's list
Sir Teddy Taylor with a skipping rope
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Sir Teddy Taylor obliged with this snap of him skipping, admitting it was a publicity shot for a health charity
Stephen Twigg on the Big One
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Stephen Twigg sent this photo of him riding the Big One rollercoaster, in Blackpool, to the 18-year-old
David Davis rock climbing
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David Davis said he has been known to indulge in abseiling and rock climbing
Ian Bruce on an elephant
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And Ian Bruce said he "risked life and limb" to sit on this elephant advertising the Glasgow Garden Festival

The politics of having fun
20 Aug 03  |  Humber


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