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Last Updated: Friday, 15 August, 2003, 09:30 GMT 10:30 UK
In Pictures: Pakistan oil spill
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The Tasman Spirit lies aground off Karachi. Pakistan authorities say the spill is contained and the damage should not be great
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However, environmentalists say the oil spill has already caused widespread harm to wildlife
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Pakistani troops are deployed on Karachi's beaches to control onlookers
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The authorities began a big clean-up on the beaches on Friday after 12,000 tonnes of crude spilled into the Arabian Sea.
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The Tasman Spirit's owners say the light nature of the crude should mean it will evaporate easily
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The clean-up drive is being aided by a C-130 aircraft spraying chemicals - but beach clearing in populated areas requires hard labour
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Environmentalists say 16 kilometres of the coastline have already been blighted by the spill
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The ship originally ran aground on 28 July, but only began leaking oil badly this week
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Residents in the Karachi area have complained of nausea and headaches because of the fumes from the crude oil
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The authorities say they could not have done more to prevent the disaster and that residents are not in danger

Pakistan begins oil spill clean-up
15 Aug 03  |  South Asia


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