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Last Updated: Saturday, 16 August, 2003, 03:34 GMT 04:34 UK
In pictures: Blackouts in N America
Travellers outside the Port Authority bus terminal, New York, on Friday morning
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As dawn came on Friday, passengers stranded by the powercut and forced to nap outside awoke to stiff necks
Grand Central Station, New York
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Grand Central Station - usually busy on a Friday morning - was almost empty as commuters took Mayor Bloomberg's advice and stayed at home
A ferry docks at Weehawkin, New Jersey, with a background of the New York skyline
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Ferries across to Manhattan were virtually the only form of transport still operating at normal levels
Traffic policewoman outside Grand Central Station
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Traffic lights stayed out for much of the day, leaving police to direct cars on New York's streets - free at last from Thursday's gridlock
Lawyer Peter Carayiannis in Toronto
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In many cities, civilians - such as this Toronto lawyer - pitched in to help direct traffic
Toronto barmaid serves beers in candlelight
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In Toronto, power slowly started returning on Friday, after a strange night of learning to live - or serve beer - without the aid of electric light
Patrons eat outside Leon's Pizza in Manhattan, under the lights of a parked car
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The power failure did not stop some resourceful New Yorkers from dining out
The Toronto skyline seen from Toronto Island at dusk on Thursday
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At its peak, the blackout was a unique sight, with many city centres resembling the inky blackness of Toronto
Statue of Liberty seen from Bayonne, New Jersey
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In New York, the Statue of Liberty became a lonely monument in a sea of black
A couple walks across the street in Times Square in New York 15 August 2003 as power returned to the city
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But by Friday night, the lights were back on in New York's Times Square


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