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In pictures: Ulrika's life and loves
Ulrika and her Mr Right
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Ulrika Jonsson married Lance Gerrard-Wright on the island of Varmdo, Sweden, on 16 August after they met on ITV1's Mr Right.
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Jonsson's wedding, her second, was a quiet affair after a year in which the star has been the subject of much media attention.
England coach Sven Goran Eriksson with Dell'Olio.
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Jonsson became front and back page news when it emerged she had had an affair with England coach Sven Goran Eriksson, who had a long-term girlfriend Dell'Olio.
Ulrika Jonsson and autobiography
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Soon after, Jonsson's autobiography created a media frenzy as it contained allegations that she was raped early in her career by an unnamed celebrity.
Ulrika Jonsson
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Jonsson's life in the spotlight began in the early 1980s with the breakfast news show TV-AM, where she became a household name as the weather girl.
Ulrika Jonsson
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Jonsson became a popular fixture on UK TV, and in the celebrity press, and was soon presenting entertainment shows of her own.
Ulrika Jonsson
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As host of ITV's hit Gladiators series, Jonsson began dating Hunter, one of the show's athletes, after splitting from her cameraman husband John Turnbull.
Shooting Stars
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Further hit TV shows followed, most notably BBC Two's offbeat game show Shooting Stars, where Jonsson was a regular panellist.
Ulrika Jonsson and Stan Collymore
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In the late 1990s, Jonsson's love life hit the headlines when she began a tempestuous relationship with Aston Villa and England footballer Stan Collymore.
Ulrika Jonsson
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Jonsson ended the relationship after Collymore attacked her in a Paris bar in 1998.
Ulrika Jonsson
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Jonsson's next long-term relationship to advertising executive Markus Kempen was much more low-key and kept out of the limelight.
Ulrika Jonsson on Fame Academy
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In her career, Jonsson has continued to host and feature on a variety of entertainment shows including taking part in Celebrity Fame Academy for Comic Relief in 2003.
Ulrika Jonsson and Lance Gerrard-Wright
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Jonsson can thank a TV show for finding her Mr Right and she is said to have chosen to take Gerrard-Wright's name.

Ulrika weds Mr Right
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