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Last Updated: Monday, 11 August, 2003, 03:36 GMT 04:36 UK
Britain basks in record temperatures
38.1C was recorded at Gravesend in Kent
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Sunday was the hottest ever recorded day in the UK
A sunseeker makes the most of the heatwave on the Isle of Wight
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Some people took to the coast to cool off
Otto, 3-year-old great dane
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But for Otto, the three-year-old great dane from Clerkenwell the heat was all too much
Brighton beach was crowded and chaotic
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Millions of people headed for the beach jamming Britain's roads over the weekend
Children enjoy the water ride at Southend-on-Sea
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Tourism was given a boost from the sizzling temperatures
Queues formed for icecream at a cricket match in Surrey
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Ice cream sales soared as temperatures rose
Swimmers took to the fountains outside Buckingham Palace
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And the hot weather is set to continue into next week

Hot weather risks
05 Aug 03  |  Medical notes
UK lags behind on sun cream use
06 Aug 03  |  Health


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