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Last Updated: Saturday, 9 August, 2003, 18:13 GMT 19:13 UK
In pictures: Basra clashes
British soldiers detaining an Iraqi youth
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Clashes broke out over fuel and power shortages in the summer heat of Basra. The 50C temperatures are stifling
Iraqi youths aim rocks at a soldier
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Iraqi crowds threw rocks and stones at soldiers sent to try to quell the rioters, sick of queuing for petrol and cooking fuel
British soldiers face Iraqi rioters as tyres burn
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At one point an estimated 2,000 protesters were on the streets in several areas of Iraq's second city
Troop shoots plastic baton round
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Troops used rubber bullets to "calm the situation"
British soldiers stand by burning tires as clashes broke out between Iraqis and British troops
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At least one vehicle was set alight and several tyres burnt
Iraqi youth being arrested down on the ground
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Several Iraqis were reportedly hurt in the melee
Wounded soldier stretchered off by comrades
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Seven British soldiers were hospitalised for "big bruises and some cuts", said a military spokesman
Iraqi imams talk to British soldiers
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British troops attempted to get clerics to calm the situation down, but did not have much joy
Scuffle breaks out between troops and locals
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But any major clashes were eventually diverted and none of the injuries were reportedly serious
British soldiers stand back-to-back with riot shields
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British soldiers have not faced frequent attacks in Basra, but patience is wearing thin, say correspondents

UK troops attacked in Basra
09 Aug 03  |  Middle East


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