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In pictures: Kidnapped Briton's story
Undated photo of Matthew before his ordeal
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Londoner Matthew Scott is recovering in hospital after fleeing his kidnappers who snatched him in a Colombian jungle 12 days ago
Matthew in a hospital bed
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The 19-year-old escaped by jumping into a ravine 10 days after the hostages began their forced march into the jungle. He was wandering for two days until he turned up at a local village
Lost City ruins
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Matthew was snatched after hiking with a group of 15 tourists to Colombia's spectacular Lost City ruins in the mountainous north of the country
Huts at the Lost City ruins
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Armed youths in camouflage gear burst into the rustic huts where the group was staying. They took eight of the tourists, leaving seven behind
Matthew in hospital bed with microphones
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When he was found, he was exhausted, sunburnt and suffering from altitude sickness. He was taken to an army medical camp, where journalists visited to hear his story
Matthew's parents at their London home
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Matthew's parents say they are thrilled he is safe. Their son is tired but well and "wants a baked potato," they say
Helicopter searching the mountains
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But the other seven hostages - a Briton, four Israelis, a German and a Spaniard - are still missing. A massive search is under way
Soldier on a radio
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Army officials are asking Matthew for any information which will help in their search for the remaining hostages

Briton flees Colombia kidnap
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