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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 August, 2003, 20:16 GMT 21:16 UK
In pictures: Liberia peacekeepers
Monrovia street
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The rebel siege of Monrovia meant that just a few days ago this street was practically deserted
Monrovia street
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But on Thursday hundreds of Liberians spilled out to celebrate the arrival of peacekeepers in the city centre
Jubilant crowds line the streets
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They shook hands with troops, threw confetti made from torn-up leaves and chanted, "We want peace, no more war"
West African Peacekeepers
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The West African force was equally thrilled by the rapturous welcome and waved white flags in response
Shaking hands with peacekeepers
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After weeks of bitter fighting, the newly-arrived peacekeepers are seen as saviours
Peacekeeper picks up a child
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The city is facing a humanitarian disaster and many children are severely malnourished
Lining the streets
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Residents of Monrovia will be hoping they can start picking up the pieces of their lives again


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