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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 August, 2003, 15:30 GMT 16:30 UK
Fun in the London sun
People gathered in Trafalgar Square
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As temperatures soared to 35C in London many flocked to make the most of the Trafalgar Square fountains
Boy in Trafalgar Square fountain
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One youngster decided the best way to cool off was a soaking at close range
Children playing in fountain at Trafalgar Square
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Many others followed suit as the sweltering sun rose in the sky, on the hottest day of the year so far
Couple paddling in Trafalgar Square fountain
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But kids weren't the only ones to dip their toes in the water
Girls on bronze lion at Trafalgar Square
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While some just sat and soaked up the rays
Man sleeping on park bench
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This man decided a siesta in the park was the best way to spend the day
Radim Bursik, 22, and his girlfriend Hana Topkova, 21
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Two visitors from the Czech Republic were looking forward to a day about town, despite having to carry all their clothes
Bus conductor Gary Lloyd, 32
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But conductor Gary Lloyd hoped his shift would pass quickly. "There's just no air conditioning, especially on the old buses."
John Hayes, 39, whose parents were in the military, based in Libya
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Juggler John Hayes didn't feel the heat though. "It's not hot enough," he said. "I was born in the Libyan desert."
(l-r) Hye Jin You, 23, Hee Jin Jung, 25, and Hee Jin Lee, 24
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Varying temperatures left these Korean visitors in a spin. "It's very hot but cold at night," said Hye Jin You (left).
Cecilia Sarjeant (left) and Claudette Wilkinson, both 59
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Trinidad-born Cecilia Sarjeant and Claudette Wilkinson were surprised. "I didn't know England got this hot"
Squirrel on tree in St James's Park
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Even this squirrel was trying to cool down, by perching on a tree which was being sprayed by a sprinkler

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