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Last Updated: Monday, 4 August, 2003, 06:56 GMT 07:56 UK
In pictures: Portugal blazes
Helicopter and firefighting plane spray water on fire in Castelo Branco, Portugal
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Firefighters are using helicopters and planes to try to douse the fires - the worst in Portugal for years
Firefighting plane pours water on fire in
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Planes from Italy and Morocco have also joined the battle...
Woman throws pot of water at burning house
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... while people on the ground have been forced to resort to more primitive - and desperate - measures
Firefighter calls out to resident as flames approach them in Vila de Rei, central Portugal
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Thousands of acres of land have been devastated by the flames
Firefighters with hoses pour water on flames in fire in Vila do Rei, central Portugal
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Some 3,000 firefighters are battling to contain the fires, and at least one has been killed
Woman in wheelchair shields her face from smoke as she is wheeled away from fire by firefighters
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The ferocity of the fires has led to several deaths and injuries. This woman is wheeled to safety by firemen ...
Man carries elderly woman to safety as smoke clogs the air
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... while this elderly woman had to be carried to safety after she was hurt attempting to rescue her flock of sheep
Man is shadowed by a church cross as smoke gathers above him
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Temperatures have dropped, but there has still been no rain to lessen the ferocity of the fires
Man surveys damage wreaked by fires
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Officials say it is impossible to estimate the extent of the damage to property and livelihoods

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