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In pictures: Desperate Liberia
Jubilant Monrovians on Thursday
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Residents of the Liberian capital cheered when they heard that West African peacekeepers were on their way.
Nigerian-led military fact-finding mission
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A Nigerian-led fact-finding mission is in Monrovia to pave the way for the peacekeeping force.
Government soldier
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Government and rebel fighters have turned much of Monrovia into a war zone in recent weeks
The Old Bridge (l) and the Gabriel Tucker Bridge (r)
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Much of the fighting has been around the Old Bridge (l) and the Gabriel Tucker Bridge (r) which lead to central Monrovia.
MSF nurse pushes an old man sick with cholera
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Conditions for civilians are desperate, with cholera a threat.
Edwin Kopo, one, lies on his mothers lap
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Aid agencies have opened therapeutic feeding centres to help malnourished children.
Blessing Milton, aged one, and weighing 4.1 kg (9 lb)
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Some people, especially children, are not getting enough to eat despite rebel claims they are giving food to the hungry.
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The markets are limited and have only opened during lulls in fighting.
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Liberians on both sides have been frustrated by the delay in the arrival of international peacekeepers.


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