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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 July, 2003, 10:52 GMT 11:52 UK
In Pictures: The Paddington Fire
Fire breaks out in the building
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The fire broke out in Telstar House in Paddington at 2045 BST on Tuesday
A firefighter battles the flames
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At its height, 100 firefighters were at the scene
Firefighters and police were still at the scene on Wednesday
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Firefighters and police were still at the scene on Wednesday
London underground sign at Paddington Station
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A notice at Paddington Station told people to avoid the area and gave advice to workers at Telstar House
Office workers gather near the building
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But a number of office workers waited to see when they could get into the building to collect any possessions
Assistant Divisional Officer Brian Mitchinson
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Asst Div Officer Brian Mitchinson praised the bravery of three firefighters who were hurt looking for a man in the building



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