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Last Updated: Saturday, 13 September, 2003, 08:27 GMT 09:27 UK
In pictures: Typhoon Maemi
Wave hits a harbour shelter in Busan
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Some of the strongest winds in years whipped up a frenzy as they blew in from the sea
Ferry toppled over in Busan Port
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The destructive force of the mighty storm was clear from the outset
Collapsed container cranes at Busan Port
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At Busan Port, huge container cranes were blown from their foundations
Truck flipped onto its side in Hirara City on Miyakojima Island in Okinawa Prefecture
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As the storms swept inland, objects weighing several tons were simply tossed aside...
Man looks at a destroyed car in Ulsan
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... while smaller vehicles were crushed under piles of debris
Resident walks by a destroyed house in Ulsan
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The typhoon packed a deadly punch as it cut a swathe through the south of the country
Man walks by scattered debris hit Msan
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As the storm dissipated, residents faced the daunting task of calculating the damage


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