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In pictures: Fighting in Monrovia
Liberian President Charles Taylor kneels to pray at a religious gathering in the Liberian capital Monrovia, 26 July 2003
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President Charles Taylor prayed on his knees at a rally this weekend, as rebels closed in on the city centre.
Government soldiers
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Government troops have been basing themselves in abandoned buildings.
Liberian chief of staff General Benjamin Yeaten
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General Benjamin Yeaten leads the government troops
Residents running from mortar fire, 27 July 2003
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Monrovia's residents are risking their lives carrying out simple errands.
Blood, sandals and a plastic cup,  Newport High School, Monrovia, 25 July 2003
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Casualties are mounting. Seven people were killed during an attack on a school last week.
A doctor from Medicins Sans Frontieres comforts a mourner at a burial
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Aid workers have helped with burials.
A mother bathes her child in the Samuel K Doe stadium
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Residents are seeking refuge in the Samuel K Doe stadium.
The US embassy in Monrovia
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Marines are guarding the US embassy in Monrovia, as three US warships head for the Liberian coast.


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